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Mini Harley Scooter Coco

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Main Features of mini harley scooter:
  • Battery: 48V 1000W 12ah Lithium Battery
  • Max Speed: 45kph
  • Battery Range: 40 to 50-kilometer
  • Max Weight Capacity: 200 KG
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Digital Odometer Panel
  • Tubeless Tyre Front and Rear
  • Hydraulic Suspension
  • Head and Indicator Light
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Mini Harley Coco Electric Scooter:

Are you fond of cheering up together with your friends with low traveling costs?? Mini harley scooter Coco Fat tire electric scooter is just according to your taste. Yeah! Two seats, one for the fellow. The item is with an engine capacity of 1000 watts.

The beauty of the Mini Coco Harley Fat Tire Electric Scooter UAE is similarly enjoyable and beneficial for traveling your dude companion, where two friends can talk the talk 😄.

The two make the journey more secure and sound as they are associates of each and every other while traveling, besides having a great time. The motor has sufficient scope to carry the dual. The specification of speed is 30-35 km/h  that makes your trip convenient.

I am aware you might be in a hurry to just buy, add to the CART to avail it all in a click.

Now it is crucial to share Mini Coco Harley Fat Tire Electric Scooter Bike UAE utilizes functions, features, and details of all real body parts.

Top features of Mini Coco Harley Electric Scooter:

  • Eye Catchy and Gorgeous Combos:
    The product is available in 3 beautiful, stunning, and magnetic colors of Red, Multi, and Black. Wow! You are probably thinking about your favorite one! 😉I like red, what is your choice??
  • Motor Ability:

The motor capacity of 1000 watts works enough pretty to ride in towns and little hilly pieces of land.

  • Double-seat Automobile:
    A seat that is double a center to hold a person who could be your babe or kid to pick or drop from school.
  • Battery Working Capability:

The charged battery pack works up to 35 km/h. Battery working is shown as in the image given.

The battery charging time is 6-8 hours which is average, anyhow the time to charge the first time may take long a little. The times become lesser gradually when the product is used.

  • Hydraulic Brake:

There are two different types of brakes, hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic brakes feature an internal piston with a fluid or gas inside. The pressure from the fluid is transferred to the piston, which pushes on the brake pads and slows down your bike.

Hydraulic brakes are a very reliable, but also quite complex system. The brake fluid is pumped from the master cylinder through a brake line to the caliper, where it acts on the pistons and pads, slowing down or stopping the rotation of the wheel.

  • Start mode:
    Start the scooter only with your key and that’s it! Just wave in your desired routes to fulfill your fantasies of the daily routine, being optimistic throughout the ride.
  • Max Speed:
    The speed is specified from 30 km/h to 35 km/h in a normal road that may slow down on sloping areas. Anyhow, if you are searching for a vehicle for a job going to the regular work, this is the best choice for you.
  • Weight Limit:
    Are you fatty??Or A smart personality? The weight limit is 125 kg of the product, this info will help you to select your scooter.

Uses of Harley Electric Scooter UAE:

  • With the help of Battery power: E-Bikes certainly are an option that is wise, it assists in riding by having an engine that makes your biking smooth, low work, and flawless running in the period. You to perform, it relaxes your feet, feet, legs and all within the human body that is impossible with a normal bicycle as it supports.
    Climbing up slopes, hills, or operating on dusty roads just isn’t a deed that is big for your E-Scooter. Here is the value that it has been put into our life, it is proven!
  • Flexible and Supportive: The technology found in E-Bikes and scooters to aid in biking makes it supportive. Ultimately, a workout that is great for your brain and body.
    A lot of the social people feel trouble rushing to their work spot while located in town areas composed of high slopes that are not an item of cake to push on, appropriate! You’re most likely dealing with the problem that is the same, isn’t it? This e-Bike has been provided by us to add value to your life that makes your routine accessible.
  • Budget-friendly and Financial: We are living in an era where all the national nations on earth are facing diesel issues because of their low quality. It cuts down the costs as no gas is necessary. Anyhow, battery charging is inevitable.
  • Future Transportation: Electric scooters would be the future of transport, it is highly forecasted. They are the nice grounds for what our air is extremely affected
    • The burning of fossil fuels
    • Air pollution
    • Industrial Emission
    • Wildfires
    • Gas emission of transport
    • Indoor air pollution etc

    We are able to play a good part in securing the beauty that is nature.

  • Elegant Designs: A variety that is wide of E-Scooter can be acquired, you should check all out and order if, for example, the taste is compatible.

4 Eyes See Significantly More Than 2

You and your friend sitting within the seat that has returned make your ride safer if you should be in some trouble. Because two guys can tackle a glitch more sensibly rather than a single.


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