Most Popular Road Bikes In Dubai

Even though our perception of the UAE is one of the arid deserts, there are 4,783 cycling routes to be discovered there. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that road biking is popular in these parts of Asia among Emiratis and even non-Emiratis.

Since the epidemic, road cycling has been a favorite outdoor sport all around the world, especially among Asians. This has led to the development of numerous road-style bikes by bike manufacturers, quenching the hunger of every rider eager to take on the road, no regardless of the distance.

We believe that our list of the greatest road bikes in Dubai will prove to be a valuable tool in your decision-making process.

Carbon SLR 8.9:

This 2020 version is among the more affordable road bicycles available. This is undoubtedly a fantastic bargain for the money because it already includes the same aerodynamics tube shapes as the elevated 9.6 models and practically all of its groupsets are Shimano 105. This first item on the list is lightweight, stiff, cozy, and aerodynamic.

Due to its design, this bike is referred to by Wb bicycles as a competitive market in endurance riding. However, it’s due to the racer-style head tube, which provides a ride that strikes a balance between comfort & speed with deft handling.

Most road cyclists think about customizing to benefit from its fantastic frameset. Its wheels may be plain-looking, but they are tubeless-ready. Additionally, they have Vittoria tires, which are already rather good.

There are also Tektro R315 forearms front pedals, tubeless-ready WB and front rear rims to Conti Zaffiro Premium G2.0 in 700 by 25c, integrated trimmed headset, FSA Silken Compact cranks, Yamaha 105 braze-on front rear mech, Yamaha 105 in 11-speed back wheel derailleur, Yamaha 105 2 by 11 shifting, and C7 Carbon Chassis rigidity frame and fork.

bike boardman


Since this is a massive touring bike, you may want to avoid this step if you’re hoping to finish a race quickly.

The WB Bicycles Explorer is a road bike that borrows design cues from vintage models like the Dawes Galaxy, which featured a triple crankset that is now uncommon on contemporary road bicycles. However, the comfort of extended rides is a feature of this bike.

It is hefty because the fork and frame are both constructed of steel, however, several parts may be easily customized to fit your needs and budget.

Endurace AL 7.0:

The simplicity and comfort of this machine are ideal for a beginner biker. Its aluminum frame and straightforward design go well with its full-carbon fork. The nearly imperceptible welding seams on this sleek-looking beast give it the appearance of carbon.

Whereas other road bikes boast about having many gears for tackling difficult hills, this bike has an excellent brake system that guarantees the safety of any rider.

The use this Schwalbe G-One Fast efficient gravel tires used in the construction of this strong touring bike from WB improve traction and comfort on asphalt pavement. Shimano CN-HG601 chain with SIL-TEC for increased durability and Shimano 105 R7000 groupsets are among the components.

Contend SL 1:

The majority of this aluminum’s 6011 alloys are used to make it. The best strength-to-weight ratios possible are produced using this. The framesets of this road bike also include special welding techniques for high-performance riding.

The D-fuse system on this road bike provides superior shock & vibration absorption for comfort and safety on unpaved surfaces.

To deliver precise and traditional front-end steering performance, WB enlarged its fork and head bearings and tapered its steerer tube.

Because of the tubeless system on this bike, fewer flat tires will occur. For a smoother, quicker ride, this also implies improved traction and reduced rolling resistance. The Tektro TK-B178 caliper rim brake and other important components of this road bike significantly enhance its performance.

Allez Sprint:

The aerodynamically effective geometry of this supreme alloy road bike is carried over from the Tarmac SL7, which it replaces.

WB bicycles are used to weld its seamless tubes together. With a 56-centimeter model weighing only 7.9 kilograms, the frame is among the lightest on the market.

This road bike’s transmission is made up of Shimano 105 R7020, and its wheelset is made up of DT Swiss R470 wheels and Specialized hubs. The 700 by 26c Turbocharged Pro tires are attached to it.

Suprema Carbon 105:

This entry-level WB aerodynamics road bike is ideal for endurance athletes and other cyclists looking for high-performing, reasonably priced bikes. This bike is lightweight and quick since its frame and fork are made entirely of carbon.

Let’s now examine its specifications. The frame and fork of this road bike are composed entirely of carbon fiber. It has Yamaha 105 22-speed gearing, Aero Road brakes, Yamaha 105 R7000 groupsets in this front and rear derailleur (2-speed and 11-speed shifters, respectively), Yamaha 105 R7000 groupsets in this front and rear derailleur for less tension, and 700 by 23-millimeter Continental Ultra Sport 2 and Michelin Sport 2 tires mounted on 42-millimeter Decaf rims.


A tiny stack on the WB Aerodynamic efficiency Spark road bike may help the rider’s upper torso change its point of balance for better control.

The Spark road bike’s 68-millimeter bottom bracket drop provides outstanding stability and flexibility, which is ideal for its non-aggressive shape.

Tiagra Zenium:

The WB Zenum Tiagra road bike is equipped to handle any challenge. Its T7000 Unidericational carbon frame and 100 by 12 millimeter tapered steerer fork give its compact shape a sleeker appearance.

This 10-speed Bianchi Tiagra 4700 groupset carbon bike is regarded as the least-priced disc brake model available. With its front & rear hydraulic braking from Sram TRP Spyre and 160-millimeter rotors, it travels quickly on level roads and withstands challenging climbs and descents.

The wheels on the front hub and the rear hub are Vitus TZ5F-12 rims, and the tires are Vee RoadRunner in size 700 by 28c.

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