best budget mountain bikes in 2022

Mountain bikes are the mist popular choices  when   it comes to  bikes. They can go off-road or on the road  and are very comfortable . what’s also great about mountain bike  is that you can get some incredible bikes for not a lot of money . mountain bikes don’t have to cost much money to be good .

At wB bicycle and  electric scooters  you will get most affordable mountain bikes in cheap prices, and in good quality .  best mountain bikes of the 2022 are on the top list on our website so don’t wait for any other when we are offering best features mountain bikes which is best quality and have longevity.

Bike Price Wheel Size Brakes Gearing
Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1 1599 27.5” Hydraulic Disc 3 x 7 (21 Speed)
Diamondback Line 27.5 1900 27.5” Hydraulic Disc 1 x 9 (9 Speed)
Marin Palisades Trail 2 1599 27.5” Hydraulic Disc 2 x 9 (18 Speed)
Breezer Midtown 1.7 1495 27.5” Mechanical Disc 1 x 8 (8 Speed)
Schwinn S29 Dual 1639 29” Mechanical Disc 3 x 7 (21 Speed)
Mongoose Colton 1479 27.5” Mechanical Disc 1 x 7 (7 Speed)

A good mountain bike will be able to take you confidently down a  technical trail and give you confidence when  you need it .

Looks and Design

We feel it’s important that a bike doesn’t just have a good design but also looks good. You need to enjoy the way your bike looks as it goes a long way in motivating you to ride it sometimes. You want to be proud of what you’re riding and look like a proper mountain biker.

So get the best and quality mountain  bikes  from us on free delivery anywhere in UAE . WB bicycles in Dubai , Sharjah and Ajman, Abu Dhabi , with many exciting features .


A bike is made of many different parts and breaking a bike down to see all of its components shows us everything about it. It lets us see if corners have been cut anywhere and if there’s something you might want to upgrade in the future.


When looking at mountain bikes, the best place to start is the frame, as there’s a lot to think about regarding this component. The first thing to mention is material. Typically budget mountain bikes will either come in aluminum or steel. Aluminum is stiff, lightweight, and perfect if you want a light bike and plan on going fast or possibly racing. Steel is heavier but, due to its flexibility, is much more comfortable. Steel is perfect if you are not worried about going fast and value comfort over speed.

Then you have geometry. The geometry is the design of a bike and the position it puts the rider in. Typically cyclists refer to a bike as aggressive or relaxed when it comes to geometry. A bike with an aggressive geometry will put you in a less comfortable position, but it will be very aerodynamic and, best for power output and speed, ideal for racing. Then you have relaxed geometry. This is where you will be more upright and in a much more comfortable position, great for long-distance riding.


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