Best Cargo E-Bikes: For Toting Groceries, Kids, or Anything Else

Best Cargo E-Bikes: For Toting Groceries, Kids, or Anything Else

If you’re looking to replace one of your family’s cars with a bike but find that

Running errands or transporting children to school is difficult on your

For the ordinary commuter bike, a cargo e-bike may be the best option. 


electric-assist bikes can help you ride up to 20 mph while carrying a full load

Of groceries, your golden retriever, two young children, or a date! We’ve

Compiled a list of our top e-cargo bikes, which have replaced a family van or


Second car for several Bike rumors Editors. 

The Yuba Spicy Curry was one of the first cargo e-bikes to hit the market in the

The United States, and it only gets better. With a total capacity of 440 pounds

(Including you, the rider), it can easily carry a Costco shopping trip. This

Bike is the most expensive on the list, but it will last for many years and

Will be enjoyed by the entire family: Although it is one-size-fits-all, it may

Be altered to fit riders ranging in height from 4’7′′ to 6’4′′. 

E-Cargo Bikes

We also like that the brand offers a variety of wonderful add-ons, allowing you to Customize your bike with extra baskets, child-friendly seats, and other useful

Accessories (we highly recommend adding the front basket). Unlike some cargo E-bikes, this one includes full fenders and front and rear lights. Check Out our complete Yuba Spicy Curry review right here




Information: Total payload capacity is 440 pounds in the rear (including rider) 

  • Shimano
  • storage
  • drivetrain 
  • 26-inch
  • wheels 




  • MT32 hydraulic disc brakes    
  • Motor:
  • A medium-sized motor      
  • 400 Wh
  • (capacity Wh)
  • battery 




  • Speed (class): Class 1 (maximum speed of 20 mph).    
  • 66
  • pound
  • weight 




  • One size fits
  • All (Yuba recommends it for riders between the heights of 4’7′′ and 6’4′′).   
  • Blue,
  • red and white 




Front and back lights, as well as your choice of custom add-ons when purchasing 


PROS: It’s easy to ride and has a large load


CONS: Add-ons can be costly. 




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