Traveling a city like mine, you have probably noticed how popular e-scooters have become. If you are anything like me, you have an unquenchable desire to get on one and cruise the streets while passing cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians who ooh and ash over our delicious rides. The environment and we both benefit significantly from e-scooters. E-scooters, however, are very similar to people in that they always look a little better with a few accessories; however, rather than wearing rings, bracelets, and necklaces, e-scooters appear stylish when accessorized with locks, helmets, and lights. As scattering becomes an increasingly more significant and prevalent component of contemporary commuting, I will demonstrate to your fellow electric scooter users how to customize your trip in this blog.


Helmets and Locks- Use Them!

We must adhere to the same safety precautions because bicycles and e-scooter users frequently utilize the same roadways. Using a helmet is the most crucial safety advice we can learn from bikers. As scooter riders, we must be careful to protect our heads if we fall because the roads are not always on our side. So make sure your head is covered before getting on an e-scooter for the first time. Such a helmet would offer broader overall coverage while looking stylish, making it the most trendy option for scooter riders.

The tricky but crucial element of using an e-scooter is locking it. An e-scooter has no conspicuous location to lock up, unlike a bicycle. However, based on my experience, I advise choosing the tiny space between the front wheel and the deck as the optimal placement for the lock because it keeps the scooter low and the lock-in an awkward position, making it impossible for thieves to attempt to steal it should they choose to. Purchase a small U-Lock, such as our CYCL Red Lock. You can lock up different scooters places at once thanks to the flexible material and secure lock it offers (along with a security cable for added security).


Stay Lit- and use Lights!

Having scooter lights keeps us scooter riders well lit during the night because scattering is becoming an increasingly significant aspect of modern commuting. Not to shamelessly promote me, but in my opinion, a pair of CYCL Wing lights are the best light scooter riders can have. These lights give you and your immediate surroundings a thorough, well-lit coverage; they make it easier for you to see your surroundings and others to see you. Additionally, CYCL offers adapters that make it simple to attach these lights if they do not instantly fit. Check out a detailed explanation here to learn more about how CYCL’s Wing lights work for e-scooter riders and which could be the best fit for you.


Most Practical Accessories for Urban Commuters


According to my experience, finding a place to put items other than in my backpack is the most significant obstacle to e-scooters being a modern component of urban commuting. The small size of an e-scooter makes it fantastic, and what limits it—or does it? Carrying your goods is simple with these scooter attachments, front hanging bags, and handle anchors that let you hang bags off your scooter handles! You may also purchase baskets for your scooter, which reduces its overall compactness but gives commuters considerably more options. These adornments are

E-scooters are rapidly establishing themselves as the future of contemporary commuting, as we are noticing more and more of them. They are a fantastic solution for contemporary commuters who want to conserve space and the environment because of their rapid speed and small size. However, I advise investing in accessories that support storage and safety for the greatest possible e-scooter experience. We may enjoy using our e-scooters with the help of these accessories, which also keep us safe and ease our trips. After getting that out of the way, I only have one more thing to say: I will see you on the road!



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