Phoenix Bicycles in UAE

Phoenix Bicycles in UAE

The Shanghai Third Bicycle Factory, presently known as Phoenix Company. Ltd. and Shanghai Phoenix Bicycles were established in May 1958. The establishment of the Third Factory signifies the point in time when the company switched from being completely privately held to being jointly owned by the state and private sector before becoming a publicly owned corporation.

Phoenix Company, Ltd., which has exclusive selling and distribution rights to Phoenix Brand bicycles and parts, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Phoenix Import & Export Company, Ltd.

What is a Phoenix bike?

Phoenix Bikes is a nonprofit organization based in Arlington that combines youth educational initiatives with a full-service professional bike shop and retail space in a novel way. Our goal is to use bicycles to inspire youngsters and give them a sense of belonging in their communities. Donate.


Where are Phoenix cycles made?


Phoenix has sold more than 200 million bicycles worldwide as a symbol of Shanghai and “made-in-China” goods. For more than 40 years, it has been the largest exporter of bicycles from China, and 104 different nations have registered its trademark.

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