mountain bikes are now affordable, surprise for the beginners!

If you’re looking for cheap mountain bikes on a budget, then look no further than this comprehensive guide.   We’ve picked out some of the best cheap electric mountain bikes available on sale today in order to help you find the one that’s right for you. WB bicycles are here to help you in this regard regardless of any ambiguity .

The best budget electric mountain bikes for beginners in 2022. I’m going to break down an e-bike for the beginner on a budget, how to choose the right one, and how much it will set you back.

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Budget-friendly electric mountain bikes are a great way to get started in cycling. They’re also a good solution for people who bike at slow speeds and might not want to invest hundreds of dollars into a more robust e-mountain bike. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best economical electric mountain bikes today listed by price. We’ll also unleash  the differences between big name brands like Trek and Specialized when it comes to their entry level models.

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best budget mountain biking in Dubai

Mountain bikes are becoming more popular every day and the options for their purchase are increasing, but there’s still no substitute for getting a bike that fits your budget. A good mountain bike will last for years and you can use it to improve your fitness, even if that just means doing some easy trails on your driveway or around town.

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If you have recently decided to buy your first electric mountain bike, you have probably considered that they are expensive. Wanting to get the best value for your money, you may have remained unsure of what exactly you should take into consideration when buying one. So visit us online , one of our consultant will provide you the best options according to your needs . so WB bicycle is one of the leading brand in Dubai dealing in best quality electric scooters, mountain bikes and drifting bikes and cycles.

We provide free maintenance and repairing services upon any damage and also we are providing

The electric mountain bike is a new and emerging trend in the world of cycling. It was invented almost 10 years ago, but it wasn’t until the past few years that they’ve gained popularity and reach more people than ever before. Mountain biking doesn’t necessarily have to be physically strenuous. There are plenty of things you can do with a regular bike that deliver a healthful, sustainable workout while also providing an effective way to get outside and get some fresh air (whether you’re recovering from winter or just want to clear your mind).

best of electric mountain bikes in Dubai

The first thing that you need to do when you are looking to buy an electric mountain bike is to decide which type of riding will you be doing with your new bike. If you plan on just riding off-road, then buying a regular mountain bike will suit your needs. WB bicycles providing the solution with their new exciting features in electric mountain bike ,although there are many best brands in best electric bike in Dubai, cheap and affordable electric mountain bike in abu dhabi , same like in sharjah , and best quality electric mountain bike in ajman., we are providing our best services and products around the united arab emirates , you can grab our best products and can enjoy our free shipping services at any time and from anywhere in UAE  .   However, if you want to ride in town or around the neighborhood then purchasing an electric version would be the best option for you. Unless you live in a rural area and only have a couple trails nearby, getting an electric mountain bike would really give you more options when it comes to exploring those trails and seeing where they go!

The best electric mountain bikes are lightweight, comfortable, and a breeze to ride. We have  designed for fun, with smooth shifting and a controlled riding feel. But the best electric mountain bikes come at a price. In this article we are describing our best of cheap and affordable products  regarding electric mountain bikes &  best budget mountain bike in 2022.

Mountain bikes are more and more becoming popular these days. People love the outdoors and want to explore places they have never been before. Mountain biking is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while getting some cardiovascular exercise at the same time. Purchasing a good mountain bike can be extremely expensive, especially if you are new to mountain bikes. We are  providing the best electric mountain bikes on reasonable rates which are good in quality , charming in features and pocket friendly .

While our experts and specialized team  have picked their best budget options it’s good to know what to look out for yourself. One thing to keep in mind when looking at the budget mountain bikes is that there will always be compromises somewhere. If a bike has a great drive-train, it might have lower-end suspension in order to keep the price down or vice versa. But at WB bicycles you will get the best product of your choice on reasonable rates . visit our website and order now to catch the best and exciting discounts .

best budget mountain bikes in 2022

Mountain bikes are the mist popular choices  when   it comes to  bikes. They can go off-road or on the road  and are very comfortable . what’s also great about mountain bike  is that you can get some incredible bikes for not a lot of money . mountain bikes don’t have to cost much money to be good .

At wB bicycle and  electric scooters  you will get most affordable mountain bikes in cheap prices, and in good quality .  best mountain bikes of the 2022 are on the top list on our website so don’t wait for any other when we are offering best features mountain bikes which is best quality and have longevity.

Bike Price Wheel Size Brakes Gearing
Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1 1599 27.5” Hydraulic Disc 3 x 7 (21 Speed)
Diamondback Line 27.5 1900 27.5” Hydraulic Disc 1 x 9 (9 Speed)
Marin Palisades Trail 2 1599 27.5” Hydraulic Disc 2 x 9 (18 Speed)
Breezer Midtown 1.7 1495 27.5” Mechanical Disc 1 x 8 (8 Speed)
Schwinn S29 Dual 1639 29” Mechanical Disc 3 x 7 (21 Speed)
Mongoose Colton 1479 27.5” Mechanical Disc 1 x 7 (7 Speed)

A good mountain bike will be able to take you confidently down a  technical trail and give you confidence when  you need it .

Looks and Design

We feel it’s important that a bike doesn’t just have a good design but also looks good. You need to enjoy the way your bike looks as it goes a long way in motivating you to ride it sometimes. You want to be proud of what you’re riding and look like a proper mountain biker.

So get the best and quality mountain  bikes  from us on free delivery anywhere in UAE . WB bicycles in Dubai , Sharjah and Ajman, Abu Dhabi , with many exciting features .


A bike is made of many different parts and breaking a bike down to see all of its components shows us everything about it. It lets us see if corners have been cut anywhere and if there’s something you might want to upgrade in the future.


When looking at mountain bikes, the best place to start is the frame, as there’s a lot to think about regarding this component. The first thing to mention is material. Typically budget mountain bikes will either come in aluminum or steel. Aluminum is stiff, lightweight, and perfect if you want a light bike and plan on going fast or possibly racing. Steel is heavier but, due to its flexibility, is much more comfortable. Steel is perfect if you are not worried about going fast and value comfort over speed.

Then you have geometry. The geometry is the design of a bike and the position it puts the rider in. Typically cyclists refer to a bike as aggressive or relaxed when it comes to geometry. A bike with an aggressive geometry will put you in a less comfortable position, but it will be very aerodynamic and, best for power output and speed, ideal for racing. Then you have relaxed geometry. This is where you will be more upright and in a much more comfortable position, great for long-distance riding.


why electric scooters are good for environment

Regardless of saying , electric scooters are easy and simple way of transportation , it  provide easy and less commuting time for office going individuals , so there are many varieties in electric scooters and bicycles. Many of people are cycle enthusiasts , but electric scooters are making take over on demand as compared of bicycles   WB bicycles are the best brands in Dubai , providing best products , which are pocket friendly and durable.

Electric scooters are getting more  likely to be ride , where its fun and enjoyment , there is no fuel cost and there is no  hassle of traffic on road if you are riding  electric scooter . electric scooters are more sustainable and have excellent accessibility .

Environmental benefits of electric scooters:

Electric scooters have been blooming  in many of the world’s largest cities . because they provide convenient , on-demand  accessible transportation for everyone  to get around with electricity ,which as we know is normally less polluting  then gasoline and other fossil fuel  . when it comes to the environmental impact  , electric scooters are e more eco friendly they don’t emit more smoke , so less pollution .  there is positive ecological impact of electric scooters on environment

Here WB  bicycles and electric scooters  , you will overwhelmed with many of varieties and different exciting features , so  never think of others and get the best and affordable products from us. We provide the maintenance and repairing on free of cost , if warranty doesn’t get over one year .

E scooters produce zero emissions :

One major environmental benefit of electric scooters is that they produce zero emissions , no harmful  gases like carbon dioxide and Sulphur.  Just visit our website and we will get you know the best  prices and products , you can catch us from any where in UAE  , best electric scooters In Sharjah , Dubai , Ajman , Abu Dhabi .

Many of bicycle stores in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi , don’t guarantee the long lasting of product , and durability , and prices are high . but  WB electric store provide free delivery to your door step , and provide free maintenance .

E scooters have lessen waste  in landfills :

Fortunately WB bicycles and scooter manufactures  produce eco friendly electric scooters . it means we use recyclable material  to design the electric scooters to make it more environmental friendly and easy to afford. A common material that we use is  aluminum alloy , which is sustainable and recyclable metals . it can be melted down and recyclable repeatedly  without losing its quality  . moreover using this type of metal saves  9 tons of carbon emission during production . besides aluminum alloy , electric scoters  parts use magnets and copper wires  and other recyclable metals .

Electric scooters are greener than you think:

Electric scooters are more than just a trend .  as scooter technology continues to develop . more electric scooters commuters  can expect better designs more changes and friendly features  in terms of safety and environmental impact . as long as people are more open to electric scooters  and other micro-mobility devices , reducing carbon emissions  and our overall impact on the environment will lessen in the coming years .

E scooters reduce noise pollutions:

Noise pollution is the one which is mostly unnoticed in the cities and it has very bad impact on health  and on environment too. This subtle type pollution occurs in cities and refer to excessive noise  from people, transportation and construction equipment . long term noise pollution exposure result in disturbance in sleep, headache , loss of hearing , fatigue , and  damaged ear drums among others .

Electric scooters don’t make much noise while moving or riding on it . why most e scooters are equipped with bell or buzzer to warm  nearby pedestrian or other vehicles , however electric scooters are great alternative of best and quite  transportation that is simple , easy and highly accessible.

top 5 reasons to buy electric scooters

Electric scooters are increasing day by day as people want less commuting time towards their offices, electric scooters are selling more in different  areas in  UAE , . There are many shops and motor companies offering electric  scooters , electronic bikes and mountain bikes. People use to ride them because they are cheap in cost and environment friendly . here we are let you know about best and quality electric scooters from WB ( wazir begum) electric store . we are providing many variety of electric bikes, and on cheap rates giving one year warranty with free repair and maintenance .

Here are the 5 reasons why you should have an electric scooter:

  1. Best alternative mode of transportation :

Needless to say, electric scooters are cheap by transportation standards.

Even the more high-end electric scooters with dual battery, Bluetooth and brushless motor  will still be cheaper than used cars. Electric scooters are simply best , when it comes to the high-prices of gas and fuel. There easy to ride and maintain , so never go anywhere when WB electric store is here. We are dealing in very best and quality products , that are your pocket friendly best and cheap electric scooters store in Dubai.

  1. They are cheaper to own :

With high pricing of petrol and fueling , electric  scooters are best to own as compared to cars . so just click on the leading brand in Dubai , WB bicycles and electric scooter store  have best and affordable price to any kind of bike and bicycle. WB electric scooter in Dubai offers variety of bikes and scooters to look out . the wide price gap between petrol scooters and electric scooters have been seen , as they are energy savor with many good friendly  features. We are providing free home delivery and repairing services if any of your product get damaged before warranty time completed.


  1. They help to ease traffic flow:

With more people riding on electric scooters , it means there will be less road users using cars and motorbikes etc. for the people that are  travelling  too  far to be able  to use a scooter , this makes driving a lot easier , more simple and less hazardous, than when everything is driving on the road .

  1. Portability :

Electric scooters are east to maintain and could be  carry anywhere easily , it’s the most important reason of having electric scooter. Most of electric scooters are portable. At EB bicycle and electric scooters store you will get affordability and portability  in one product . so nothing to worry when you are looking out for good quality and cheap price. Come at WB electric store we will help you to choice out the best and cost-effective product .some scooters can be carried out like  a case. Some come with holding straps  to aid in carrying them.

  1. Fun, enjoyment & time savor :

Its fun to ride on electric scooters  as they are time savor , no hassle of petrol or gas , and you commute towards anywhere on electric scooters . if you need an break and you need free feeling of air rushing through your helmet ,your hair or to just let go, scooters can offer that .

There is nothing like going on group ride with two or three of your  friends  , you are just breezing  along , living your best life .