Aster Bicycles in UAE

Aster Bicycles in UAE

2008 saw the birth of ASTER in Taiwan. The world’s brand in Taiwan is to become one of the goals. VI import (visual identification system). Bright red is the brand’s default color since it represents passion, life, and great appeal. The letter “A” is a trademarked symbol. 

High-quality and comfortable products are produced when combined with a geometric design, ergonomics, and unique molding process technologies. Continue moving forward, making strides, and pursuing brand perfection in technology and unrestricted innovation. 

ASTER Bicycle Technology:

ASTER Bicycle Technology provides a superior cycling experience thanks to its passion for cycling, technical research ethic, and one-of-a-kind patent for an I-shaped rib frame. With this distinctive design, the rigidity and strength are increased, giving bikers a superb riding experience that is very comfortable and highly controllable. 

We at Aster Brands are committed to assisting concrete manufacturers in expanding their operations and realizing their full potential. The aster flower has strong familial ties to us and represents development and cultivation. Find out more about our history and how you can participate! 

Aster Brands:

Aster Brands is fundamentally a family-run enterprise. Our family consists of: 

  • Redi-Rock, Rosetta Hardscapes, and Pole Base are some of the licensed brands in our family. The Aster Brands network, which consists of over 160 manufacturers, offers assistance and inspires growth and expansion ideas. 
  • Team: The Aster brands team is committed to supporting and fostering the growth of manufacturers. 
  • Leadership: Aster Brands is owned and operated by the Manthei family. 


The aster flower, which gave the Manthei family their start in business in the early 1900s, inspired the name Aster Brands. Constance Manthei, a German immigrant, helped her family escape poverty by starting a prosperous aster farming operation on the family farm. The fourth generation of the Manthei family owns and runs several businesses, which you can learn more about below. Grandma Constance’s influence continues to inspire us now.

Aster Team Working:

Our team is working to establish and cultivate prospects in the concrete production business, similar to how she grew and nurtured aster flowers. 

Please contact us if you’re interested in joining the Aster Brands family. Getting to work with you excites us. 

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